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Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Organic - OIM 208 L

Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Organic - OIM 208 L

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If you’re like most growers, you’ve probably thought about supplementing your current fertilizer and feeding program with organics (or maybe you’ve already tried it) because…


f you’re like most growers, you’ve probably thought about supplementing your current fertilizer and feeding program with organics (or maybe you’ve already tried it) because…

You know organic-enhanced plants have a unique taste, smell and aroma…

You know Mother Nature takes the edge off synthetic plants and can give you a softer, more well-rounded product…

And you know grand master growers swear by a combination of synthetic and organic growing supplements because they unlock the full potential of plants and produce world-class crops…

But until now, you may have been hesitant to add in organic supplements… that’s because…

Adding Organic Goodness To Your Garden Used To Be More Trouble Than It Was Worth!

You’ve probably heard about all the draw-backs of adding organic supplements to your cycles… or maybe… you’ve even experienced them yourself?

Most organic formulas clog up your growing systems, filters, and turn into a nasty sludge that breeds fungus gnats and other disgusting creatures!

Most organic formulas contain the wrong ratios of nutrients, so plants get “burnt” with too much nitrogen or they grow limp and weak from too little nutrition!

Most organic supplements don’t mix well with your synthetic formulas!

Most organic formulas smell like garbage and turn your garden into a “sewage” area!

All in all, adding organic supplements to your cycles used to be a nightmare!



Homemade Teas Fall Short Too…

Because of the lack of good organic supplements for growers like us and the types of plants we produce, many growers have taken to buying homemade organic teas…

It’s a good idea because these teas are one of the most efficient ways to get organic goodness into your plants, but there’s some big problems with these homemade brews…

Homemade teas have a short-shelf life and often go bad quickly (meaning you have to buy them fast and use them even faster before they spoil)…

You never really know exactly what you’re getting in these homemade brews and you can’t be 100% sure of the purity of the ingredients (that’s why you may suffer from the previously discussed organic problems)…

Many of them are just a combination of beneficial microbe formulas made by companies like Advanced Nutrients… and… your plants may suffer because they lack additional (and proven) plant-potentiating ingredients which help make the best use of the primary tea ingredients…

But that was before. And this is now. Thanks to modern technology, scientists promise you will no longer have to suffer from these organic tea growing hassles (or any others for that matter!)

Yes, now you can truly experience “the best of both worlds” because it is now possible to add the natural goodness and benefits Mother Nature has to offer to your current growing program…

Additional Information

Additional Information

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